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October 04, 2016

Hi, dear readers!

It's been a while since you've all heard from me; I apologize deeply. Lately, I have been exploring life to the fullest and I am also exploring a completely different side of me than the vintage gal many of you know. I lóve the Bohemian Style a lot -always have- and I have been venturing that for quite a while now (home- and style-wise). I love to wear my hair long with braids, feathers, and accessories and I love to wear boho boots and dresses. Perhaps the change of style is the reason why it's so silent here, on my blog. But do expect outfit photos soon! Some will be in boho style and some still in vintage style! I'm excited and I hope you'll stay with me throughout this new journey!

Curious what I love about the boho style? Follow my Pinterest boards My Bohemian Heart, Bohemian, and Boho Hair Accessories.

In my life, I have always been an unconventional, free-spirited person... a bohémienne. But, due to some life experiences, I have caged myself for far too long, with horrible consequences. Now, I am breaking free, and yes, with it also comes that you outgrow certain phases in your life. That's normal, we all grow. For me, it means that I don't dress vintage style only anymore - and in the recent months, I haven't even once actually. Why pinning myself down to one thing only, when life has to offer so much more?

I have been asked if I still keep doing vintage modeling and reviews. My answer to that: hell yes! I still love doing that and in fact I have a few nice collabs coming up. So stay tuned.

I have also been painting to my heart's content. The quick watercolor doodle above is an example of that; the black night forest stands metaphor for the cage I have been living in for years. But anyway, I am always a little reluctant with sharing my work publicly -it's just my modesty playing up- but this one I did share on my Instagram and Facebook. The support was overwhelming!

I received a lot of messages on Facebook, of people who wanted to buy my work or prints thereof. I was stunned, I had not expected that. I was glowing with all that love I received. It made me decide to indeed start selling my work and prints thereof, and I am working hard "behind the scenes" to make it all happen. When the time is there, I'll be writing about it here. See you next post?

I love painting galaxies! You can't go wrong with these.

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  1. Thank you for the awesome update, dear Lindsey. I'm delighted to know that you've been living life to the fullest and getting to spend time creating such jaw droppingly beautiful art. Please post here when your prints are available to buy. I'd definitely be interested in purchasing one or more as well.

    Sending tons of hugs & happy autumn wishes your way,
    ♥ Jessica


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